This is an environment  I did to practice environment modeling. No concept was used, just lots of reference images.

snotlout girl by Nico Marlet

I found this beautiful design while searching through The Art of Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon art book. I decided on this design due to its complexity and awesome shapes. This was an exercise on executing a model with such complexity and finesse.

knight by David Ardinaryas Lojaya

Found this great design while going through David's work and what caught my eye was that the sketch was a little loose so I found it challenging to interpret the sketch into 3d.

horse inspired by David Ardinaryas Lojaya

The knight sketch had him writing a horse but unfortunately there wasn't much information for the horse so I thought I would use what was there as inspiration and make it my own.

monstro by Ivan Oviedo

This was an exercise to model a character that was not human.

This character has a great silhouette and was definitely a great

study on stylistic anatomy and topology.

crystal castle (professional work)

One of the three sets I got to model and UV during my first job.


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